Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Metabolism V: Aerobic Metabolism vs. Anaerobic Metabolism

This will be a quick post comparing aerobic and anaerobic metabolism. Aerobic metabolism refers to metabolism that requires oxygen and anerobic metabolism refers to metabolism that does not require oxygen.

Aerobic glucose metabolism (aerobic glycolysis) is the most common form of glucose metabolism in our bodies. Fat metabolism also falls into the aerobic glycolysis pathway; thus, fat metabolism requires oxygen also.

Anaerobic glucose metabolism (anaerobic glycolysis) occurs in oxygen deprived cells and cells which cannot preform aerobic glycolysis (e.g. red blood cells). A byproduct of anaerobic glycolysis is lactic acid, which we will discuss more in a later post.

Aerobic glycolysis generates almost 10 times as much energy as anaerobic glycolysis. This is the principle reason we die if we don't have enough oxygen.

Next time, I will talk about how metabolism plays a role in exercise.


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