Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Nice Guys Might Finish Last...But A Heart Attack Will Kill You

I don't care how tough you are...if you wake up because you feel a weight on your chest, see a doctor. If you develop chest pains that radiate to your left arm, see a doctor. If you feel heart palpitations ever, even if you think they're happening because you're with the love of your life, see a doctor. If, when you're driving, you press on your break pedal but your car doesn't stop, well in that case see a mechanic, your doctor isn't going to be able to help with this one.

Point being, chest pain is a big deal. Your heart is kind of essential for living. Don't be the guy who waits a week before coming into his doctor because you aren't going to like hearing you have permanent cardiac damage that could have been averted if you only saw us earlier.

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