Saturday, October 3, 2009

Emergency Rooms and Sick Children, Not a Waste of Time

The Vancouver Sun has an article wherein ER doctors can be found encouraging patients to come in with their children if they have even the smallest concerns about their childrens' health. I found this surprising because many of the ER doc bloggers are constantly complaining about parents who come in with their children who have nothing worse than a bad cough.

I wonder if the physicians in the article meant what they said or if it was the only statement they could make considering it really wouldn't be acceptable to say "stop wasting our time with your kids' runny noses". The difference in opinion could also be attributed to a difference in Canadian ER docs from American ER docs (who are certainly more avid bloggers), or perhaps a different opinion coming from this ER doc who is in a quieter hospital than most metropolitan ER docs.

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