Saturday, January 2, 2010

Why Nerds Wear Glasses

Society and pop culture paint a picture of the smartest, most intelligent people (nerds) wearing thick glasses and rocking pocket protectors. Admittedly, I would normally advise against buying into stereotypes, but there may actually be some validity to this particular generalization.

Studies looking at myopia (nearsightedness) have found that the more educated a person is, the more likely they are to have myopia [1, 2]. Another study showed a correlation between myopia and time spent reading in children. This correlation may indicate that "close work", including reading or any other activity that requires the eyes to focus on some nearby object, results in myopia. Of course, correlation does not necessarily indicate causation, but the theory reconciles the two aforementioned findings nicely. If increased reading causes myopia, it is not surprising that a higher degree of education is associated with an increased likelihood of myopia as more educated people probably tend to read more.

Now, why do nerds wear pocket protectors?


Nishanth said...

bullshit !

Sarah Meg Hart said...

Nerds wear pocket protectors to protect their pockets from ink. If one studies a lot it's possible that they also write a lot so having a pen handy would be very wise and being preoccupied with ones nose in a book would predispose one to not notice that their pen is leaking thus pocket protectors. This idea however is only mere hypothesis. I have no data to back up my claim. Lol.

Pratik raj Khadka said...

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